General recommendations for working with TikTok accounts:

  1. For each individual account, it is necessary to log in using a new profile in an anti-detect browser,
  2. Use quality residential or mobile/rotating proxies of the country that matches the GEO of the account. Access the account through this link -

REMEMBER: 1 TikTok account = 1 new profile in anti-detect + 1 IP [if you are using mobile/rotating proxies, you can get a new address by restarting your proxy]

REMEMBER : To log into an account, you should to use reliable multi-browsers and proxies that match the GEO of the account.

NOTE: 100% of accounts will never start up. If 3 out of 5 accounts are up and running - that's normal. If fewer - try changing something.

To avoid getting your account banned at the start

we have put together some basic recommendations for you on how to work with accounts. This will help you avoid frustration and continue working on setting up and launching advertising campaigns in TikTok

Pay close attention to the choice of 3 important variables:

  1. Reliable anti-detect browser - to maintain anonymity and not get "caught" by the website.
  2. Quality proxy service - IP must match the GEO of the account (you can check the GEO of the proxy in the anti-detect or here
  3. Use a new clean bank card with a BIN matching the GEO of the account. If you get a ban after linking a card, you need to change the BIN (you can try linking to Pay Pal). You can also check the BIN here >


Below is a list of services compiled based on user reviews and community recommendations:

1. Anti-detect browsers for working with accounts:

2. Proxy services:

3. Payment solutions:


If you still have questions, be sure to write to support, they will help you to understand everything >