EUR | Account TikTok PVA Ads account. Germany. Verified by E-Mail. Aged 7 days.

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Description Account type:


Account Characteristics

  • GEO: Germany
  • Account currency: EUR | VAT excluded
  • Payment Method: Automatic Payment
  • Available Regions: Europe

Technical Details

  • Registration Method: web-version, manual creation
  • Fingerprint: Windows


  1. It is mandatory to use an anti-detect browser to log into the account (log into accounts here: )
  2. The IP address of the proxy must belong to Germany. Use only high-quality resident or mobile proxies. LOGIN VIA VPN IS FORBIDDEN!
  3. Always use a new clean Dutch bank card (credit/debit) or PayPal (not always available) for recharge
  4. If the ban comes after linking the card, you should change the BIN; bans can also be due to proxies.
  5. Remember that 100% of accounts will never be activated. If 3 out of 5 accounts activate, it is normal. If less than that, a change in approach is required

Replacement Terms:

  1. After purchase, verify accounts immediately! Maximum time to verify the account = 12 hours
  2. Replacement is granted if the account is banned immediately after login.
  3. No replacement will be provided if a card has been linked to the account or an attempt to launch an advertising campaign has been made.


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