USD| PREORDER | Automatic Pay | Any GEO | Verified softreg TikTok ADS For Business. Verified TikTok Business Center. 3+1 Ads manager. Proxy+Email+You can share pixel | VAT FREE

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PRE ORDER: you can order any number of verif accounts with BC for any GEO - check with support >>

Order fulfillment time - from 3 days!

My proxies are included, provided for 3 days.

Account characteristics

Verified TikTok ADS For Business through real company documents

  • GEO : Any of your choice
  • Account Currency : USD | VAT exclusive
  • Payment Method : Automatic Payment (postpay)
  • There is 1 personal advertising account. Also Business Center includes 3 advertising accounts that can be run independently. In total 4 advertising offices can be launched on one account
  • To optimize your advertising campaign, you have the possibility to pixelize within the Business Center.

Technical details

  • Registration method : Manual registration on PC via
  • Fingerprint : Windows
  • Proxies : mobile proxies, come bundled for 3 days!


  1. Be sure to use an anti-detect browser to log into your account (log into accounts here: )
  2. Login to email here >>
  3. Use only high-quality resident or mobile proxies. LOGIN VIA VPN IS FORBIDDEN!
  4. Always use a new clean account country card or PayPal (may be unavailable) to recharge
  5. If the ban comes after linking the card, you should change the BIN; bans can also be due to proxies.
  6. Remember that 100% of accounts will never be activated. If 3 out of 5 accounts activate, it is normal. If less than that, a change in approach is required

Replacement Terms:

  1. After purchase, verify accounts immediately! Maximum time to verify an account = 12 hours
  2. Replacement is granted if the account is locked before purchase. You can check this by going to your email or through the notifications in the account itself.
  3. No replacement will be given if you logged into the account and it is locked. Usually, the account is blocked after login, if you use poor quality proxies - use mobile/resident proxies corresponding to the GEO of the account
  4. There will be no replacement if a card has been linked to the account or an attempt to launch an advertising campaign has been made

Format: mail - login:password, TT account - login:password

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